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As an employment agency in construction and engineering, Roofassist B.V. ensures a good match between professionals and employers. Are you excited to work as an assembly worker, operator, finishing mechanic, roofer, carpenter or bricklayer? Join our team and get to work at leading companies in the Central and Southern Netherlands. Stop warming the bench and become part of the Roofassist team, as a self-employed worker or permanent employee. We have job openings in regions like Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Venlo, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

  • With our 6 years of experience as an employment agency in construction, we look with young and fresh eyes
  • We gladly go one step further to guide the right professional to the right place
  • With our personal contact and quick thinking, we always score a good match.

For employers

Are you looking for employees in construction? Or do you have a job for a roofer or a carpenter? Fill in the form below and we will find you the right candidate in no time. Whether you are looking for a self-employed worker or permanent employee, Roofassist makes the right match for you.

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For job seekers

If you’re good at construction or engineering, we will guide you to the right place. We make sure everything is well taken care of, from beginning to end. Therefore, you are fully unburdened and you can do what you do best: carry out your profession.  As a self-employed worker or permanent employee, you’re welcome to the team of Roofassist! You’ll find all our openings below.

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Who are we at Roofassist?

The young and dynamic Roofassist is a specialist in sending out and detaching and recruiting and selecting professionals in construction and engineering. Especially in the area of roofing businesses, but also in other sectors in construction and engineering, we go one step further to guide employees to the right place.

Our people work at for example roofing companies and companies in installation and construction. From our head office in Eindhoven we focus mainly on the Central and Southern Netherlands, on the regions Eindhoven, Helmond, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Nijmegen, Venlo, Weert, Rotterdam, Breda, Roosendaal, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Dordrecht.

Our focus of attention is the team: we have personal contact and think quickly. That’s how we know everything is well organized for our colleagues and clients. Assurance and appreciation are our core values: we go for long term relationships with our employees and clients. We guide the right professionals to the right place, also in troubled times. Do you want to know more about our club? Push the button below.

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