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All job openings in sustainable energy

Is sustainable energy really your thing? And do you want to work in this sector? You’ll find all our job openings below. See if there is an interesting job for you in sustainable energy.


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Sustainable energy

At Roofassist, we have a lot to do with sustainable energy. Think of installing sonar panels, heat pumps or wind turbines and the use of specific raw materials. This topic is getting more and more important for our colleagues and it’s becoming a more important part of the activities too. That’s not surprising. Sustainable energy is the future and we notice that too. Would you also like to work with the energy of the future? Check out our job openings.

Our mechanics

Our colleagues work with sustainable energy in different ways. We have electrical engineers and roof mechanics who get to work on installing solar panels. As a solar panel mechanic it’s your job to assemble the frame on the roof. That can be an inclined or a flat roof. After that you’ll make sure the solar panel is placed well in the frame. Besides mechanics for solar panels, we have more job openings in sustainable energy.

This is Roofassist

Roofassist is a specialist in sending out and detaching and recruiting and selecting professionals in construction and engineering. We’ve been doing that for more than 6 years by now. We are a young and flexible company: we look with young and fresh eyes to score the right match between employer and employee. Personal contact is our key value: we will make sure you stand out the most, together with you and our client. Thereby, we’ll take as much work off your hands as we can. Because of our quick thinking and clear agreements, we guide the right professionals to the right place.

Employment agency in construction

Our vacancies are focused on the sectors construction and engineering, with a specialization in the roofing business. You’ll find all our job openings in sustainable energy above. Do you think you’re a good addition to our team? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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