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All job openings in engineering

Are you great with engineering? You’ll find all our openings below. See if there is anything interesting for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


We gladly would like to call with you! If you call before 12 am, we’ll get back to you today!

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Vacancies in engineering

There is scarcity in personnel in the engineering too. But that doesn’t stop us from searching thoroughly for the right match between employer and employee. Our team exists of self-employed workers and permanent employees. Our clients are for example roofing businesses and companies in construction or installation. Our vacancies consist of jobs like roofers, carpenters, bricklayers, completion technicians, plumbers, etc. From our head office in Eindhoven, we focus on the Central and Southern of the Netherlands. Our colleagues are working in regions like Den Bosch, Tilburg, Venlo, Rotterdam, Breda and Amsterdam.

Roofers and mechanics

As mentioned before, our vacancies vary from roofers to mechanics to plumbers. You’ll find all the information about the profession in the job opening: what you are going to do and which requirements you have to meet. As a bricklayer for example, you’ll need knowledge about reading drawings and mixing specie in the right proportion. As a roofer you’ll have to work independently and have experience with specific materials. You’ll find more information in the vacancies.


By now, our company is 6 years young. With our young and fresh eyes we try to score a good match between professionals and employers. You’re not a number for us: we have personal contact and discover where you stand out the most. Give us a call and we’ll arrange it for you. As an employee, but we can help employers too. We’ll take as much as we can off your plate and we’ll think quickly to make sure everything is well organized, for both our colleagues and our clients.

Employment agency in construction

As an employment agency we concentrate on the branches construction and engineering. You’ll find all our job openings in engineering above. Is there anything you became enthusiastic about? Let us hear from you! Maybe you’ll become a great addition to the team of Roofassist!

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